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Fog on Mountains

About Peak to Peak Painting and Repair Pro

Peak to Peak Painting and Repair Pro is an owner run and operated business with a single employee, me! An experienced and passionate home improvement expert with 18 years of experience and 5 years of owning my own business. I offer a wide range of services including interior painting, drywall repair, carpentry, and general home repairs. I am a licensed contractor that customers can count on to provide timely, reliable service. Thanks to my hardworking attitude and deep commitment to trustworthiness and communication, I can be counted on to complete any painting and repair job with excellence. In addition, I am an avid animal lover and just as passionate about photography as I am about painting, so don't be surprised if you see me doing a little photo shoot with your furry family members.

Owner-Operator Michael Toro holding Dolly

About Me

Originally from Ohio I moved to Mesa, Arizona about a year ago and there's absolutely no looking back! I'm constantly in awe of the stunning nature and abundance of wildlife here. The majestic mountains and expansive deserts provide the perfect backdrop for my many outdoor adventures, from hiking to kayaking to nature photography. Painting and photography are two of my great passions, and I'm always looking for new ways to express myself through art. Along with my best friend and partner Alicia, I share my home with an amazing cat named Dolly. I'm a travel enthusiast and truly enjoy the opportunity to explore new places. I'm also passionate about connecting with others and building relationships with the people I meet because I truly believe that we we can get nowhere in life without the love and help of others. 

My Credentials 

Michael Tyler Toro, Owner-Operator - Sole Employee  

Peak to Peak Painting and Repair Pro

Licensed Contractor - Type: R62 - Minor Home Improvements

License #: ROC 343955


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Dolly as a baby kitten
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